About Us

Welcome Sissies, welcome Ladies,

We are glad to have you! On this page, we want to give you a little background about this website and the people behind it.


Who We Are, that’s me, Julia, and my loving hubby, Max. We’ve been married for more than ten years. Since my teenage years, I knew I wanted to live in a relationship where I could be dominant. However, it took me some time until my dream turned into reality.

Initially, Max and I lived an ordinary couple’s life. But step by step, we both discovered our love for being different and creating a relationship where I was the dominating person. This decision triggered many developments and started a journey we’ve been on for more than eight years.

We genuinely believe everyone should live the (sex) life they want and do not wish to convert anybody. On the contrary, we want to share our experience and the fantastic things we’ve discovered so far to help others improve their sex life too.


The Website

We started this website as a blog in 2022, where I shared some experiences and things I like. It quickly turned out that many people enjoyed our content — and we’ve also been enjoying producing it. That’s why the small blog has grown fast, and it didn’t take long until the idea was born to create something special.

With, we want to build a platform that provides high-quality, spam-free content. And we want to have the liberty to follow our passions: Femdom, toys, porn movies, and memes 🙂

One important thing to know: This platform is not solely for people interested in BDSM, femdom, or female-led relationships. Not at all. Much of our content is just for everybody who wants to improve their sex life, spice things up a bit, or discover new things.


Enjoy Your Stay — And Feel Free To Get In Touch!

We hope you enjoy our content and find what you are looking for. On top of that, we are always happy to get your feedback if you want to share it.

The easiest way is to send an email to [email protected].

Much love,
Julia & Max

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