Daily Video Meme — Cuckold Edition

I was so excited when I found this video. Once I watched this short clip, it clicked in my head immediately: This is the perfect cuckold video meme.

My wife, Julia, and I have enjoyed the cuckold lifestyle for many years. Moreover, with time we developed small rituals to tease (Julia’s part) or worship (my part) our partner.

For example, it’s one of my greatest pleasures to help Julia get ready for her date — bath her, dress her, “prepare her.” Julia recently wrote a blog post about it: Daily Femdom Ideas #12 — Helping the Wife To Get Ready.

On the other side, at someday, Julia started to send me short video clips — for example, when she was waiting at home with the bull or when I wasn’t allowed to watch. And I can tell you, these cuckold video clips turned me on so much. It is like being married to the hottest porn star in the world.

Today’s Cuckold Video Meme

Therefore, today’s video meme can be titled a nice cuckold video meme. There’s this beautiful young lady and the personal trainer. If Julia sees this, I’m pretty sure that she will do a similar video in the future 🙂

Can’t Stop Dreaming 🙂

And for all the cucks watching it, imagine getting such a video. You are at work, and your wife sends this to you. You know exactly what will happen. They will have a nice workout, and right after, they will have another exercise in your bed. Your wife will love it. So you hurry up finishing your work to get home and clean her up or even get some sloppy seconds.

I could even continue dreaming…Arriving at home and finding my wife lying on the bed — probably just wearing some soaked panties with the bull’s cum. She smiles, directs my head between her thighs, and just says, “you know what to do.”

But I am getting to excited 🙂 It’s always the same when I watch a cuckold video meme 🙂

Do You Want More Cuckold Video Memes?

Let me know what you think about the meme. Did you like it? Do you want more such memes? I am always happy to receive your feedback. Just leave a comment below.

Hey, I'm Max. Julia's loving spouse. I totally enjoy our lifestyle and the way Julia has guided me into our female-led relationship. I love to share my experiences —especially with toys— on this blog and hope it provides some value. Enjoy your stay!

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