Cuckold Toys: Three Essentials Every Cuck Must Have!

I’ve been into cuckolding for quite some time and enjoy exploring this lifestyle together with my wife to the fullest. Moreover, cuckold toys have been essential to our fetish since the beginning. Certainly, cuckolding is a broad field, and every couple living that lifestyle has its own definition, rules, and preferences.

Moreover, you can see cuckolding as a sub-genre of female domination (femdom), and therefore the cuckolding toys are somehow femdom toys too.

With this blog post, I want to introduce my top three cuckold toys. Toys, which I think every cuckold should have — nonetheless, it is, of course, up to you if you like them or not. So let’s have a look.

Oh, and before we dive in: My wife, Julia, recently published some detailed posts about femdom toys — in case you want to check them out:

Cuckold Toys #1 — Chastity Cage

What’s a cuckold session without a chastity cage? Useless? Boring? Waste of time? Probably all of it 🙂

From my perspective, it doesn’t matter if you are into long-term chastity or not — at least during a session with your wife’s bull, the chastity cage can bring extraordinary excitement. Nevertheless, things get spicier the longer you wear the chastity belt. Personally, I’ve been wearing my chastity cage for more than eight years (of course, with some releases, lol).

Essential Femdom Toys #1 — Chastity Cage

Although I hate the cage sometimes, I enjoy wearing it most of the time. I recently compiled my experience and wrote about the benefits of wearing a chastity cage. You can read the post here: 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Chastity Cage).

If you want to try it and find a good chastity cage, I recommend checking out or Sexy Fun World. Both online shops offer a wide range of chastity cages at reasonable prices.

On top of that, you can check out my latest articles about Where To Buy A Chastity Cage — My Favorite Shops.

Cuckolding Toys #2 — Face Strapon (Penis Gag)

It might surprise you to see a face strapon among my must-have cuckold toys. But let me explain. For me, cuckolding has basically two parts. The most exciting part is when your wife has sex with her bull, and you can watch, join, or support. However, this accounts for a small part of our relationship only.

The bigger part is about our life at home since my wife does not have sex with her bull(s) every day. However, I believe that it is one of the essential duties of a cuckold to pleasure his wife at any time. Moreover, it turns me on to pleasure her while being locked in chastity.

In this case, a face strapon (or penis gag) is the perfect cuckolding toy. It’s just an incredible feeling to be so close to her pussy or ass — to smell her, taste her and pleasure her while being denied at the same time. Therefore, I am very thankful that my wife loves to ride the face strapon from time to time.

Even if you are not into cuckolding, you should try it — it’s an amazing feeling for both partners.

Essential Femdom Toys - Face Strapon

My favorite face strapon is made of black leather and comes with a removable dildo that fits easily through the metal ring over my mouth. Accordingly, the curved head forces me to be silent while my wife lets me pleasure her with the dildo facing outwards.

If you want to check out the product, you can do this on

Cuckold Toys #3 — Leather Collar

Collars hold much more meaning than decoration. A collar signifies title, ownership, control, and even devotion. That’s probably the reason why I added this cuckold toy to my favorites. Undoubtedly, a collar doesn’t hurt (at least in most cases ;). Nevertheless, from my point of view, it is one of the strongest cuckolding toys.

Essential Femdom Toys #3 — Leather Collar

I love wearing a collar at home to show my devotion at any time. And from experience, I can tell you that wearing a collar initiates a different kind of thinking — for both partners. And, of course, I love to wear the collar during our cuckold sessions.

On top of that, it is the perfect toy for beginners. Therefore, if you’ve just started to explore cuckolding and female-led relationships, you might want to start with a collar.

Here’s the link to to check out my favorite collar (actually, the one I am wearing right now while writing this blog post).

What’s Your Favorite Toy?

As always, I would love to hear from you. Tell me about your favorite toys and why you like them. Just leave a comment below!

Hey, I'm Max. Julia's loving spouse. I totally enjoy our lifestyle and the way Julia has guided me into our female-led relationship. I love to share my experiences —especially with toys— on this blog and hope it provides some value. Enjoy your stay!

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