7 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Chastity Cage

Should I really do it? Should I really wear a chastity cage? I guess these are the questions you’ve been asking yourself many times. And I can tell you, it was the same for me. I’ve been living in a female-led relationship for years and loved watching chastity cage porn scenes — but still, I was unsure if I should wear a chastity cage.

This blog post shares my experience and story since I finally decided to wear a chastity cage and give the key to my loving wife. Before we dive into the details, I can already tell you that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Regardless of the sexual part, the chastity cage has changed so much in our life — for the better. But well, I don’t want to tell too much…

Here are my 7 reasons why you should consider wearing a chastity cage — based on my experience.

Reason #1 — A Chastity Cage Saves Time

Let’s start with a reason that might not expect and sounds odd initially. But let me tell you the story behind it. Before wearing the chastity cage, I spent between 60-90 minutes every day searching and watching porn and jerking off. And I know that I am not special. Many men are doing exactly the same.

Maybe you are a bit “quicker” — but let’s assume you spend 30 minutes a day watching porn and jerking off: That sums up to 1.5 days every month. That’s 18 days a year — wasted watching porn and jerking off.

I came to the point where I really hated it — however, I just couldn’t stop.

Since wearing a chastity cage, I save all that time. Of course, it was hard the first days. I couldn’t stop thinking about jerking off and watching porn. But after a few days, it was gone, and I felt free.

Reason #2 — Your Relationship Will Be Upgraded

You might ask yourself, how can a little chastity cage upgrade your entire relationship? First of all, I can tell you it definitely will.

And here’s why: Once you put on the chastity cage, you initiate a kind of chain reaction. After a few days, you will be more attentive and start acting differently. You will, more and more, take care of your wife’s needs, spoil her, and simply be more kind.

Of course, your wife will notice it — and in return, she will be more often in a good mood, and your time together will be much more precious.

That starts slowly, so don’t expect wonders after two days. However, the longer you wear the chastity cage, the more your relationship will benefit.

Reason #3 — A Chastity Cage Helps To Stay Focused

This reason is linked to the first one. Let me tell you a bit about myself again. I work from at home. Here’s how my day was before I started wearing a chastity cage:

  • Usually, I started working around 9 in the morning.
  • Latest at 9:30, I couldn’t stay focused anymore and thought about jerking off.
  • Probably at 9:45, I started to search for porn movies.
  • Maybe at 10:30, I resumed work.

Even worse: Sometimes, I repeated these steps 2-3 daily!

Again, since I wear a chastity cage, I can stay focused and be much more efficient than ever.

Reason #4 — Your Wife Will Be Proud Of You

Isn’t that what we are all seeking for? A wife that is proud of you. At least, this is the case for me. Initially, I had doubts and thought she wouldn’t take me seriously or think I was no longer a man when I wore a chastity cage.

However, the complete opposite is the case. She is absolutely proud of me and thinks that I am a real man because I found a way to control my (bad) habits.

Reason #5 — A Chastity Cage Lets You Discover Other Parts Of Your Body

Oh yes, an aspect you shouldn’t underestimate. Before wearing a chastity cage, sex was all about my cock (for me). Since I wear a chastity cage, we often have sex without removing the cage. In that case, I usually don’t have an orgasm. But I can tell you, I’ve started to enjoy other body parts like I never expected.

It is hard to describe, but I think you simply get more sensitive, and getting a massage the right way can be super exciting — even more exciting than some orgasms previously.

However, as mentioned, this aspect is hard to describe — you must experience it. I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Reason #6 — The Orgasm After Your Release Will Be Incredible

Of course, this has to be the final reason. Although I am a big fan of a chastity cage, I still love to have an orgasm. And this is probably the most intriguing part: The orgasm after your lockup period is AMAZING!

I am 100% sure that you’ve never experienced a similar orgasm before. You can’t even compare a normal orgasm to the one after some time in a cage. Unsurprisingly, the orgasm gets more intense the longer you’ve been locked up. Nevertheless, this is something you have to explore step-by-step.

My Favorite Devices

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Let me know your thoughts!

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell me what you like about having your cock locked in a chastity cage? Or drop me a question if you are unsure if you should do this step. I am happy to provide more insights from my experience.

Hey, I'm Max. Julia's loving spouse. I totally enjoy our lifestyle and the way Julia has guided me into our female-led relationship. I love to share my experiences —especially with toys— on this blog and hope it provides some value. Enjoy your stay!


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