The Hottest Male Chastity Memes [Video Edition]

Hooray, it’s male chastity memes time! We put together our hottest male chastity memes from our TikTok profile (that got banned recently, lol).

Since we used to post these memes on TikTok, they do not include any nudity or strong language. However, we do believe they are still super hot. So let’s have a look!

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Male Chastity Memes — Of course, it is only temporary;)

Let’s get started with a promise that lady probably won’t keep. A month turns into two and quickly into three or more. Aren’t her eyes just amazing? And don’t you want to put on the chastity cage immediately?

Male Chastity Meme with the most views

This one is the video that reached a huge audience on TikTok before we got banned. Actually, I think it isn’t one of our best. But, well, you never know how that algorithm works. Nevertheless, that lady is definitely cute, and wouldn’t you gladly follow her advice?

Let me tell my girlfriends.

What’s more embarrassing than wearing a chastity belt? Knowing your wife tells all her girlfriends about it.

Pink Chastity Cages

This one was a post that was linked to one of our previous posts about our preferred Pink Chastity Cage: Here Are Our Top 4 Cages.

Male Chastity Memes

Since the first meme with this video gained so many views, we slightly modified and reposted it. Here’s the result.

Fitness Girl Part I – Poor Hubby

Here’s a lovely fitness lady making some fun of her hubby and that he thought he will be released today. Poor hubby, maybe next month.

Fitness Girl and Male Chastity Meme — Part II

Here’s another version of the video where our fitness lady sees the cage for the first time and makes some fun off it.

Let us know your thoughts

As always, we would love to get your feedback. Leave us a comment and let us know how you liked our memes. Which was your favorite? And which one didn’t you like at all? Moreover, you are more than welcome if you have an idea for a meme or want to send us your meme. We are looking forward!

Julia FLR
Julia FLR
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