Cum Eating Cuckold: Our Favorite Videos

Cum Eating Cuckold was one of the first cuckold websites I explored once we got into this topic. The porn site offers some excellent cuckold action, and some of it is, even today, unmatchable.

And since we received lots of positive feedback on our latest “best of ranking” (Check this post in case you haven’t seen it yet: Velvet Veronica: Here Are Our Favorite Videos!), we wanted to bring you our selection of the best Cum Eating Cuckold Videos.

I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I did selecting them!

Cum Eating Cuckold — Our Favorite Videos #1

What they say about the video

Aubrey’s husband, Billy, would like to say that he was surprised when he found his wife balls-to-the-chin on her very first customer. But, given that fidelity has never been her strong suit, he could only hope to contain the damage when he saw his lovely wife gagging on a humongous black dick right in their house. It seemed to Billy like a dubious way to debut her new business, but who was he to question his wife? His job was purely to clean up after Aubrey!

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