Velvet Veronica: Here Are Our Favorite Videos!

Velvet Veronica has been one of our favorite amateur femdom actress for quite some time. In fact, the things she does in her videos fit our taste pretty well: Teasing, denying, chastity, or toys.

That’s why we wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to Velvet Veronica and celebrate our favorite videos. We hope you like the videos and our selection. Moreover, we can really recommend checking out her profile on Faphouse and subscribing to her — it’s worth every penny!

Alright, let’s get into the videos!

Velvet Veronica — Our Favorite Videos #1

Let’s get it started with a newer video we can’t stop watching. There are so many little but super hot aspects contained. First of all, look at her shirt — those nipples drive me crazy!!

On top of that, the slow teasing action is exactly what I love and love to see. But it doesn’t stop here. Her lucky hubby is also allowed to fuck her in this video — super slow and super intense!

Therefore, this video is a must-watch!!

What Velvet Veronica says about the video

It’s been a while since I’ve unleased my evil self on my pet. But he’s been so good lately I can’t find a good reason to be mean to him! So in this video, I decide I will reward my pet by fucking him AND letting him cum inside me. EXCEPT he has to make it through 10 edges first, and of course, he can only cum when I give him permission. Unfortunately for him, his reward doesn’t last long.

Hey, I'm Max. Julia's loving spouse. I totally enjoy our lifestyle and the way Julia has guided me into our female-led relationship. I love to share my experiences —especially with toys— on this blog and hope it provides some value. Enjoy your stay!


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