Top 10 Chastity Facesitting Videos

Today we continue our journey through the world of femdom videos and discover another exciting category: chastity facesitting. Since we received lots of positive feedback on yesterday’s post about the 7 Best Amateur Chastity Strapon Videos, we thought doing another listing about chastity would be a good idea.

Again, we browsed through hundreds of videos on PornHub and assessed them. The ranking of the videos reflects our preferences. We like videos longer than five minutes, preferably even longer than ten minutes. Moreover, we like amateur-style but still high-quality videos. And, of course, we have some preferred actors.

Now, enough said, let the videos speak!

Top 10 Chastity Facesitting Videos — Facesitting The Slave

The first video is from Young Goddess Kim. The profile has almost 18k subscribers and offers some decent femdom videos.

Moreover, our first selection already contains everything you want to see when looking for chastity facesitting videos: A beautiful mistress, a cock that stays locked during the entire video, and some pretty good facesitting action.

Unfortunately, the mistress does not get undressed during the video. We would have loved to see that and some more closeup facesitting action. Nevertheless, the video still remains more than worth watching.

Julia FLR
Julia FLR
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