Amateur Cuckold: Here Are The Top 7 Amateur Pornstars

Today’s blog post is all about Amateur Cuckold pornstars. I am pretty sure you all know the big cuckold productions, such as or However, personally, I prefer some amateur cuckold action from time to time. Why? Because it is so much more authentic. And if you ask me, it is all about authenticity regarding cuckolding.

Fortunately, if you browse through PornHub, you can find some very fine amateur cuckold profiles. Those profiles provide high-quality content but also an unmatchable level of authenticity. This blog post will present you with seven of the top amateur cuckold pornstars. We sincerely hope you like them and you can discover some new, inspiring porn. Let’s dive in!

Best Amateur Cuckold — MarryBarrie


MarryBarrie is definitely one of the best amateur cuckold profiles on PornHub. Just look at her numbers: She has more than 130K subscribers and 111 million video views — amazing. Moreover, she ranks among the Top 200 profiles on PornHub.

amateur cuckold - marrybarrie

Type of Content

MarryBarrie creates pure cuckold movies. Most of the content shows her fucking other men and her husband watching. However, we love that her husband is usually an active part of the videos: He prepares Marry, cleans her up, strokes while watching, etc.

On top of that, MarryBarrie incorporated many other niches into her videos: chastity, cum eating, foot fetish, and many more.

Best Amateur Cuckold — Serenity Cox


Serenity is the queen of amateur cuckold porn. Look at those impressive numbers. Almost 300K subscribers and almost 350 million video views. Overall she is one of the Top 10 models on PornHub. Therefore, Serenity is definitely a must-watch!

amateur cuckold - serenity cox

Type of Content

Serenity is probably the perfect hotwife. You will find tons of videos of her fucking other men with her hubby watching — and joining. Therefore, I wouldn’t rate it as a pure cuckold profile but can assure that, if you are into cuckolding, you will love Serenity’s profile too.

Best Amateur Cuckold — TrueHomeBabe


Here’s probably a lesser-known profile. TrueHomeBabe has almost 25,000 subscribers and more than 12 million video views (which is still amazing, by the way). Personally, I consider the quality a bit lower compared to MarryBarrie or Serenity but still definitely worth watching!

amateur cuckold - truehomebabe

Type of Content

TrueHomeBabe’s profile brings you videos that are similar to MarryBarrie: Uncensored and amazing amateur cuckold scenes at their best. She also plays with other stuff, such as chastity, cuckold clean up, facesitting, and others.

Best Amateur Cuckold — Marie Kaefer


Oh, here’s one of my secret tips. Although Marie Kaefer’s profile touches on the cuckolding topic only slightly, I believe it is still worth listing it. She has over 40K subscribers and almost 25 million video views.

amateur cuckold - marie kaefer

Type of Content

You won’t find hardcore cuckold videos on her profiles. Contrary, Marie has focused on stuff like chastity, ruined orgasms, tease & denial, etc. However, I am pretty sure that if you are into amateur cuckold porn, you will love her profile!

Best Amateur Cuckold — Velvet Veronica


Content-wise, Velvet Veronica is a profile similar to Marie Kaefer. However, Veronica can be proud on some impressive numbers: She is getting close to 100K subscribers and can be proud of 160 million video views.

amateur cuckold - velvet veronica

Type of Content

Similar to Marie, Veronica does not offer hardcore cuckold videos. Again, it is about teasing, chastity, facesitting, orgasm control, and femdom in general. However, and also similar to Marie’s profile, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Best Amateur Cuckold — Undercat


Here comes a secret tip. Undercat has only 5.8K subscribers and is close to 1 million video views. Although the profile looks quite dark, she produces some of the finest amateur cuckold porn.

amateur cuckold - undercat

Type of Content

Unfortunately, Undercat does not have too many videos available (yet?). However, the available ones bring you super hot amateur cuckolding porn with some nice extras, such as creampie cleanup or bondage.

Best Amateur Cuckold — Little Princess199


Little Princess is probably one of the hottest models on Pornhub. You should definitely check it out. She is getting close to 50,000 subscribers and already has over 35 million video views. As a result she is getting close to the Top 1000 porn stars on PornHub.

amateur cuckold - little princess

Type of Content

Little Princess offers a wide variety of videos, from blowjobs and handjobs to some of the hottest cuckold movies. The cuckold movies typically include the bull and her lover.

Best Amateur Cuckold — HotCoupleLovelySex


We’re closing this post with one of our all-time favorite amateur cuckold profiles: HotCoupleLovelySex has more than 85,000 subscribers and more than 70 million videos.

Type of Content

The profile provides you with a humongous amount of content, from solo to lesbian and amazing cuckold videos. The woman’s body is incredible, and you can feel the authenticity while watching. Make sure to check it out!

Let Us Know Yout Favorite Amateur Cuckold Profiles

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our favorite profiles as much as we did putting them together.

We are always happy to receive your feedback and some fresh inspiration. Let us know which amateur cuckold profiles you follow and enjoy. Moreover, we’re happy to hear what you think about our favorite profiles — do you like and enjoy them too? Just leave us a comment and tell us about the profile.

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