HotwifeXXX — Our All-Time Top 10 Favorite Hotwife Scenes

HotwifeXXX is definitely the world’s number-one hotwife porn site. However, contrary to many cuckold porn sites, HotwifeXXX really focuses on hotwifing. Accordingly, you won’t find heavy cuckold action but super high-quality hotwife action.

We watched every HotwifeXXX scene a dozen times and are definitely thrilled by the quality of the movies and the actors. Sometimes we don’t even know which location to watch. So, to make it easier for you, we put together our top 10 scenes of all time.

Of course, it reflects only our preferences, and we will add some explanation for each scene why we love it so much. As always, we hope this post provides some value and a joyful time.

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Best HotwifeXXX — Life To The Fullest With Kendra

Starring: Kendra Spade, Damon Dice

Why do we love it?

First, Kendra is a fantastic actor, and we love many of her HotwifeXXX scenes. However, this scene contains some extremely hot aspects. We are big bush lovers, and her bush is just perfect in this scene. On top of that, there are some short moments when her friend undresses her or holds her head that is almost beyond perfection. Therefore this is a must-watch scene!

Best HotwifeXXX — Ashley Is A Sexy Vixen

Starring: Ashley Lane, Eric Masterson

Why do we love it?

Ashley Is A Sexy Vixen is probably the scene we’ve watched most. First of all, it is because of Ashley Lane who plays her role extraordinarily. Moreover, we love scenes where the husband is involved — and, even better, where the husband cums too. This scene contains both.

Best HotwifeXXX — Time To Pretend With Kenna

Starring: Kenna James, James Deen

Why do we love it?

Kenna James is one of our favorite porn stars. Therefore, we enjoy almost every scene with her. However, the HotwifeXXX movie contains one particular thing that drives us crazy: The dressing scene in the beginning. It’s practically non-nude, but seeing her dressed for her lover is so damn authentic and exciting.

Best HotwifeXXX — Mona Gets To Play A Game

Starring: Mona Wales, Stirling Cooper

Why do we love it?

This one is simple to explain. Start the below video and scroll to 1:01. Look at that fantastic cumshot on her belly and hairy bush. We could watch it over and over again.

Best HotwifeXXX — Kate’s Husband Loves His View

Starring: Kate Kennedy, Jax Slayher

Why do we love it?

This video is one of our rare favorites where the husband is not shown. However, Kate plays the scene perfectly. She is so innocent and plays with the camera in a way that makes us feel we are part of the scene.

Best HotwifeXXX — Shared Wife Lyra Gets A Hairy Request

Starring: Lyra Lockhart, Ramon Nomar

Why do we love it?

Oh yes, the title says it all! We really like that many HotwifeXXX scenes contain hairy pussies. And this one is by far the most perfect bush we’ve seen for a long time. So, therefore, the quotation is simple: Hairy bush + hotwife scene = We’re super excited! Must-watch!

Best HotwifeXXX — How About Some Natalia Time

Starring: Natalia Nix, Jason Moody

Why do we love it?

Natalia is an actor we haven’t known before. Nevertheless, the reason why we included this video in our top 10 all-time HotwifeXXX video list is simply because of her. She acts amazingly, and we’re totally in love with her tiny tits!!

Best HotwifeXXX — Charlotte Fucks Her College Crush in Front Of Hubby

Starring: Charlotte Sins, James Deen

Why do we love it?

If you ask me which video contains the perfect hotwife, I will answer you with “Charlotte Fucks Her College Crush in Front Of Hubby.” For me, Charlotte Sins represents the perfect hotwife in this video: How she looks, talks, and acts is a hotwifing action at its best. Well done, Charlotte, and well done, HotwifeXXX.

Best HotwifeXXX — Piper Is Treated With Elegance

Starring: Piper Cox, Jake Adams

Why do we love it?

Ok, here’s another one with many small things we love. The initial scene where Piper gets dressed, how her husband hands her over to the lover, how she subtly involves her husband in action, and so much more. Just watch it; you won’t be disappointed.

Best HotwifeXXX — AJ Thanks You With A Squirt

Starring: AJ Applegate, James Deen

Why do we love it?

And here’s the last of our favorite videos. The story why we included is told quickly: AJ Applegate. She’s just one the best actress — especially in hotwifing and cuckold movies. Period.

What’s Your Favorite HotwifeXXX Video?

We love to get your feedback. Please tell us if you agree with our selection or which scenes you like most! We’re curious.

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