The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)

I guess we all love watching chastity porn movies from time to time, don’t we? However, sometimes a picture and the right statement turns me on even more. Chastity captions can be extremely exciting, although they need the right ingredients.

First of all, the girl needs to have that certain look. Her eyes must tell that she is really serious about chastity. On top of that, the caption must trigger your mind to go crazy. Good chastity captions take you on a journey, inspire you, and, most importantly, make you wanna explore new things.

Although there are tons of chastity captions out there, we tried to select the ones we like the most. It’s a small but high-quality selection of captions. We do hope you enjoy them and they bring you some inspiration.

Important: We do not own any rights of the shown captions and added the link to the source of each chastity caption.

Chastity Captions: Subtle but 100% Turn On

We love the below chastity caption because it works without any nudity but lets you start a mind journey. The text is super strong and lets my cock grow every time I read it. It doesn’t even need to show a chastity cage. Moreover, the woman just looks perfect in that outfit, and the way she looks at you is awesome. Enjoy!

The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)×1493.jpg

Chastity And Female Led Relationship

Here’s one of our all-time favorite chastity captions. I love that the guy wears panties and the way the woman holds the cage/his balls. On top of that, the text is amazing — especially the introduction. And believe it or not, I would happy to answer the same sentence 🙂

The Stricter, the Better!

Look at her! Again a picture that doesn’t need any nudity or a chastity cage. Just the way she looks and the text makes my cage almost explode. Whoever selected this picture must have exactly known what it can trigger 🙂

The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)

Some Cuckold Chastity Captions

The below chastity caption is different from the other since it doesn’t show the woman does not contain much text. It’s probably, even more a meme than a caption. Therefore, not everyone might like it.

Nevertheless, I was super turned when I looked at it, and my mind was going crazy.

Purest FLR

What an amazing text. I love every word — it almost scared me a bit. Moreover, it perfectly fits to hear dark hair and her slightly diabolic style. Mhhh.

The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)

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Look at her!

Another amazing example where text and pictures go perfectly hand in hand. The way she looks and gently touches the cock….priceless. I can even feel how this guys must have felt at this moment.

Chastity Captions — The Perfect Picture

For me, the picture below is a masterpiece regarding chastity captions. It might not be a perfect quality, and strange enough, the text doesn’t trigger me too much (although it’s a solid caption).

However, that picture with a caged cock lying next to a vagina and she is still wearing panties is just awesome. I love it!

The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)

She Must Be So Happy

Look at how happy she is. When I look at this picture, I think about a story immediately. The wife bought the chastity caption and gave it to her husband today. It’s the first time they explore chastity. The husband went to the bathroom, put it on, and returned to present it.

So here’s the reaction of his wife. She feels happy, she feels her power, and she already knows this is the first day of her new life.

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Blowjob Chastity Captions

This one needs no comments. Everyone who ever was in such a situation knows how incredibly humiliating and exciting it feels at the same time. Great work!

The Hottest Chastity Captions (To Get Inspired)

Facesitting & Chastity

Unfortunately, the quality of the below chastity caption is not perfect. However, the picture is still amazing. Having the woman sit on his face while he is wearing the chastity cage is a super turn-on.

Chastity Caption & Strap-On

Now look at this one. Don’t you want to stand next to her? I bet she can’t wait to have sex with him — well, with his strap-on.

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