What About Sex In A Female-Led Relationship?

What about sex in a female-led relationship? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask 🙂
My sex life is just brilliant. I can have sex whenever I want, and with everyone I want. That means I can order Max to satisfy me (usually orally or with toys) — or have sex with one of my other sex partners.

The women’s sex life will improve tremendously in an FLR!

That’s probably the first takeaway! If you are a woman, I can tell you that your sex life won’t be the same anymore but will be put to a higher level. Let me tell you why:

  1. You decide when you want to have sex. It’s not your partner anymore. It’s all about you.
  2. You decide how you want to have sex. Don’t want to take care of him — well, order him to please you with his tongue or toys. There’s actually no need to unlock him in order to have sex.
  3. You decide who you sleep with. You are no longer bound to your husband but free to have sex with other guys — if you want to.

What about your husband’s sex life?

The question is already wrong if you live in a female-led relationship. However, I love my husband and understand that he has needs, too — they are unimportant. But let’s be honest: I usually try to keep him locked for an entire month. We found out that this was the perfect duration for him. But of course, he is not allowed to have sex after one month.

It turned out that I introduced four types of releasing him — usually, it depends on my mood and how he behaved during the last lockup period.

  • If I’m not in a good mood and he hasn’t behaved well, he can jerk off with a ruined orgasm. That means he has to stop when he is about to cum.
  • If he has done alright and my mood is ok, he can jerk off and have a normal orgasm (lucky boy).
  • If he behaved well and I was joyful, I even helped him jerk off. That means I use toys or even give him a handjob.
  • Very rarely, when we feel really closed, I let him put a flashlight between my legs and let him “fuck” me (well, obviously not my pussy but the closest he is getting to fuck me). Here’s my favorite fleshlight I use at the moment. We tried many different, but it turned out that Max loved this one most. Especially when it comes to his next duty (see below)

Regardless of the type, he always has to clean his mess with his tongue. It’s another important duty, I might write an entire blog post about. In short: I truly believe that men should clean the mess they do, and it is their own cum.

You really never let him have sex with you?

If sex only means penetrating my pussy then the answer is no. He is not allowed to penetrate my pussy anymore. But for us, sex is more. Giving him a handjob or playing with toys can be much more rewarding. And I don’t miss his penis in my pussy. I have toys, I have his tongue, and I have my lovers’ cocks. He knows that my pussy is a no-go zone for his cock. Period.


Julia FLR
Julia FLR
My name is Julia, and I am excited that you found your way to my blog. I live the lifestyle of a female-led relationship together with my hubby Max. On this blog, I share my experience, stories, and more. However, this blog is not solely focused on FLR. You will find tons of sex toy reviews and much other stuff — basically, everything I am interested in. Enjoy your stay. Much love, Julia.

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